Heat Recovery Ventilation

Pre-heated, Filtered, Fresh air. Balanced Ventilation is key.

Fresh air becomes a concern now that we tighten up our homes with insulation - sealing up all air leaks also prevents outside air from entering the building. Stagnant indoor air can quickly be contaminated with pollutants like dust, mould, pollen, radon and even carbon monoxide.

Heat recovery ventilation can remedy this potentially unhealthy situation, which for instance helps sufferers from asthma - but it also lowers your utility bills.

Benefits of heat recovery ventilation:

  • Relief of allergy problems
  • Controlled inlet of heated fresh air
  • Exhaust air evacuation
  • No draft sensation -'no holes in the walls'
  • Supports primary heating of building

The air inside a building should be 'exchanged' with fresh air approximately 8-12 times in a 24-hour period. The fact is that on average a house has only five -or fewer -air exchanges in a day.

Heat recovery ventilation technology

  • 2-year warranty
  • Top-rated on SAP Appendix Q
  • 100% summer bypass valve
  • Well insulated and compact unit
  • 93% efficient
  • To download the Itho heat recovery system datasheet click here.