Thermal insulation alone is not enough. If you're outdoors in the cold wind, it's not enough to put on a thick woolly sweater; you also need a closed windtight jacket on top of it. If you're building or remodelling a house, it's not enough to cover the walls and roof with a thick layer of costly thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is a very good sweater but a poor windtight jacket.

Therefore your house needs to be durably protected by a windtight layer on the outside and an airtight layer on the inside.
Your advantages of the SIGA air- and windtight system:

  • keeps warm air inside
  • saves heating costs
  • stops draughts
  • increases comfort of home
  • avoids building damage
  • increases property value
  • minimizes CO2 emissions
  • reduces greenhouse effect

Ideally, with a new build you have an ideal opportunity to make your house air tight. This ensures you will get the full value out of your insulation.

Glynns have being promoting the use of airtightness material from both SIGA and Eco Logical Building Solutions since we opened our dedicated Energy Centre in Claremorris, Co. Mayo in March 2008.

It costs approximately €4.50/m2 in material to make a house airtight. It is imperative for anyone aiming for an 'A' rated home. When you have the insulation fitted and the airtightness done we suggest you contact us for a list of local BER Energy Asseccors who can go onto site and do a pressure test or a 'blower door test' as it is known. This would cost roughly €150 and it is well worth testing what has been built at this stage before the slabbing starts. Any leaks can be identified and fixed. The accepted result at present is 10. That is 10 air changes an hour. That means you have to heat your house 10 times an hour. With airtightness, done properly, you will achieve a reading of 3 or lower. The measurement used is cubic metres air loss per square metre of floor area, measured under pressure. This means that a figure of 3 is just over one air change per hour for a house with 2.65 metre ceilings.

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Products stocked from the Siga range:

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Without SIGA Airtightness

With SIGA Airtightness

Test your building mid way through the build


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